The Mindful Path To Peace, Love, And Happiness

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Hi, I’m Ravi Tandon

I am a software engineer, an innovator, and a poet at heart 🙂

My previous life

I was a graduate in Computer Science from the Indian Institute Of Technology, Guwahati. I did my Master’s in Computer Sciences from Princeton University, USA. I have worked in high-tech startups in California and India. 

What I love to do 

I love to work on complex distributed systems, solve challenging problems in technology, technology, read books on self-help and development, meditate and write inspirational poetry. 

What I am doing now

I am now undertaking a journey of self-discovery through my first book “Be Buddha.”

Where can you find me

You can find me elsewhere on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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21 Days to Better Habits:
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How This Book Will Help You

  1. Reflect on powerful and refreshing poetry.
  2. Introduce you to best practices for improving your daily.
  3. Learn from the wisdom and teachings from the Buddhists, Stoics, and ancient Hindu scriptures.
  4. Learn the most effective frameworks for self-improvement from the best books out on the topics.
  5. Get you started on the process of self-discovery.
  6. Inspire you 

… and much more

Thanks for reading. It makes a difference. I donate 5 percent of profits to causes that improve the health of children, pregnant mothers, and families in low income communities. We have helped over 30,000 people so far.

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