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Eva is the warmest and kindness person I’ve ever worked with. She’s very patient and customer oriented. Eva understood my brand even better than myself and created a stunning branding and website that beautifully reflect the spirit, soul and heart of it. I hear all the time compliments about what we’ve created together and I cannot recommend her more. She’s a real professional in everything she does. 

Wiktoria Florek


Eva delivered beyond my expectations. She was able to push me beyond my imagination and design a personal brand only my dreams would allow. I would recommend Eva to anyone who appreciates a great creative. She took my feedback well and was able to go with my ups and downs during the process. Eva, will become a true partner. Not just there to “get the job done.” She will truly take on your project to heart.

Cheyana Van Dener


Eva is a great person to work with and it was out second project together. Thanks to her knowledge, experience, and creativity, she was able to recognize the problem, analyze it from different perspectives, provide the best possible solution and I could see the results of Eva’s work right away. I highly recommend her, and definitely, we will work together again in the future!

Josefina Bonsundy


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