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Micro Lessons On How To Build A Stable And Profitable Business Online

The hidden truth behind being productive and staying focused.


Have you ever thought of why productivity is so essential not only in your work but also in day-to-day life?

Do you feel the time is passing by so fast? Do you notice how every month is replacing another with a blink of an eye? 

Does it happen to you that even when you are busy at work, it is hard for you to focused because your thoughts are wandering back home to what to cook today, what to buy for the whole week at the grocery store, and whether it’s a laundry day or not? Do you feel when you are spending time with family, it is challenging to be present and enjoy the moment because your head is processing all emails and tasks that already are waiting for you tomorrow? 

Do you feel you are in between one place and another, in this very grey area, for so long that you are finally ready to do something about it, to take action to be productive and at the end of the day work more effectively? 

Well, welcome to my life. I’ve been there, and I’ve done that. 

On a side note, there is one thing you need to know about me, besides the fact that I am late for every meeting at least 10 minutes, always, is that I am a lazy person. My husband tells me that I know how to manage my energy levels economically. 

This bad quality of mine, you would say, taught me how to be ultra-organized, and I love to have control of everything (and sometimes everybody…) around me. Why? It makes my life easier. 

So let’s dive into why all my questions are important to answer? 

We all want to achieve more and more in our lives, but instead of adding up to our busy schedules, we should learn how to automatize different processes, manage ourselves in time, and eliminate tasks that are less meaningful instead of multiplying them. 

That’s why I would like you to start doing more things that are essential for you, your brand, and your company. Things that bring value not only for you but to your clients as well.  

Sometimes, we all do tasks at work that not always make sense for our businesses, especially when you are a freelancer, an entrepreneur, or owner of a small company where you supervise a team of people you are responsible for. Maybe you got used to doing all the assignments by yourself or finding it extremely difficult to delegate them to others. I know that better than you can imagine, as I firmly believe that I do everything better. Just like my father…  

Now I want you to take a piece of paper and a pencil. Write down what I am going to say to you and hang it next to your computer so you can see it every day. 

The point is, you should always do what gives the most money to your business. Period. 

Be honest and ask yourself, how does your day look like? Are you able to be focused, or you get distracted easily? Do you scroll Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and it feels like a never-ending story? Are you interrupted by emails, SMS, and calls every five minutes? 

 I hope that after reading this series of articles and implementing at least half of it, you will double your income and time that you can use either for scaling your business or spending it with your loved ones.

Also, keep in mind, as much work and effort you give, as many effects and money you will get for your business. Without hesitation, I can tell you that you and your clients will see a real difference when your work will be systematized thanks to procedures you will develop with me. Finally, you will be able to deliver projects on time, and as a consequence of it, you will be more credible, reliable, and your reputation will continuously grow. 

Customers that like you and appreciate your work will start to recommend you to others. Believe me or not, many clients prefer to pay for the quality, reliability, and timeliness rather than a low price and mediocre cooperation. So again, everything you will learn will influence your earnings.  



“This was an excellent and professional engagement. Eva was able to understand what I was looking for and to translate it into a visual medium. Her work was clean and efficient, and she also went the extra mile to offer advice on other areas. I would surely use her again.” 

Jerry, Cybercreed Consulting

United States of America

Thanks to the power of recommendations, you will not have to worry too much about marketing, and how to advertise your company on Facebook, Instagram, or Google.

If you are going to be focused, you will be ahead of your competitors. 

You perfectly know that we are under attack of so many pieces of information, content, images, and videos through different social media. Also, we believe that our presence there is obligatory, as well as replying to every comment and message right away. Notifications are flooding your smartphone all day and all night long. You have only two hands, ten fingers, and 24 hours during the day, and if you don’t learn now how to manage your energy, time, and concentration, let’s be honest – you will be screwed as I was.

However, there is good news in this long article: all notifications fight not only for your attention but also for the attention of your competitors. And this is your chance to be one step ached your rivals. Thanks to being productive and staying focused, in one day you will be able to do what takes three, fours, or five days to others. 

You don’t have to be smarter, you don’t have to have better skills, and you don’t have to have 25 years of experience more – being organized is enough. When you take control of your actions in the environment you live and work in, you take care of your business and personal life.

Being productive and staying focused is your hidden weapon on the online job market. Embrace it.

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