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When the whole world is full of doubt…


This month, we were celebrating the second anniversary of our wedding, in pajamas under the blanket, of course, and I’ve felt a bit emotional about it. I’ve realized how lucky I am to have such a supportive partner by my side like you.

We know each other for more than five years already. No matter our differences, I know that you support me at everything I do (but what I don’t do it’s a totally different topic, right honey?), and you never questioned my ideas. On the contrary, you make me feel that I can achieve everything and anything I want.

I still remember this day, a couple of years ago, when I decided to make the first step towards my online business, I felt anxious. My brain prompted me with a thousand excuses for why I shouldn’t do it. I heard so many people saying, “it’s not a normal job,” and that “maybe I should find one.” I felt not good enough because on the Internet I saw so many beautiful projects from people far more experienced than me. And on top of that, the imposter syndrome took control over me, and I literally paralyzed.

But you were there for me as much as you are for me right now, still believing in me and reminding me how talented I am.

I’ve never realized how important it is for me to have your full support in this matter. To have the comfort of wondering about what I genuinely want to do in my life. And to have a piece of mind that I can do it and we will be fine.

You need only one person who believes in you to make your dreams come true when the whole world is full of doubt. I feel extremely lucky because I’ve found one.

Luis, thank you for being an amazing husband and even more incredible father. I wish us to be as happy as we are today until the end of the world and one day more…

Many hugs,

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